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By: Ashish | Posted: 26th November 2010

I had a crazy friend at my high school, well she wasn't really crazy, but yeah, she really was crazy after Shahrukh Khan!! Believe me, you won't find such a fan, as she was. She never missed any of his movies, even when the exams used to hang like the sword of Damocles over our heads! She would buy every poster, every audio collection, indeed every next thing which either mentioned Shahrukh's name or was dedicated to him! In fact her entire pocket money was dedicated to him. How I wish we had Twitter then, she wouldn't have wasted her energy, time, and money just to feel the nearness of the star!

Bollywood Tweets

With the onset of internet, things have changed a lot. This is an era of information, and with internet you get all that you want, but with the coming of Twitter, the micro blogging social site, things have not only changed but have become far more interesting and pleasure giving. Well, I never met my friend after my high school, but I'm pretty sure, she might be following Shahrukh Khan on Twitter now!

Following the Bollywood Celebs on Twitter is indeed full of fun! You get to see their latest pictures, which even the sites dedicated to the stars may sometimes miss out to display. Reading the tweets of the Bollywood celebrities sometimes give the feeling of reading their personal diaries. And at times, it even seems like being near them, perhaps attending the muhurat of their latest movie!

Fans love to watch the interviews of their favorite stars, perhaps this is the reason why Youtube is flooding with so many recorded interviews of the celebs, even the ones which were telecast on the TV channels some years back. But reading the tweets posted by the stars in conversational tone give much better insight to their lives than the recorded interviews. And interestingly, sometimes you may even find the links to some of their interviews in their tweets! Searching for a certain interview on Youtube might be difficult but if the link to the same comes to your way and that too directly from the star, it feels really great.

Twitter is a great place for Bollywood fans as they get to know about their favorite stars but the actual difficulty lies in making it sure that you are following the real person and not any imposter. Creating a fake Twitter profile is not at all difficult and some smart connivers do this for their personal profits. But some Twitter application sites prove really helpful in this case by bringing only the authentic Twitter profiles of the celebrities. And some sites do much more than just bringing the authentic profiles to you. They tell you who is tweeting more, who has the most followers, who interact with their fans more and lot more. One just needs to go to such helpful sites and follow their favorite stars and feel their nearness, how I wish we had such things during our high school days!

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Enjoy watching Bollywood Celebrities On Twitter.
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