What is the impact of chemicals on our hair?

By: ahtijc | Posted: 24th November 2010

So does this mean we have to stop coloring, bleaching, perming or straightening our hair?? Not at all! We can still keep up with fashion and covering grey hair!! However it is important to look after our hair well! Always use professional shampoo and conditioner and acidic treatments which can reduce high level of alkaline in your hair. In the market, there are many professional brands offering hair serums, nutritive ampoules and other products to further assist in the pH balance of your hair.

Is it now easier to understand what impact chemicals can have on hair? And how we should look after our hair?
And what about the chemicals? Where are they located on the scale? All chemicals are alkaline. They swell inside of the hair shaft and open the cuticle of the hair. For example when tint is applied, the colour molecules are still very small and undeveloped. In half an hour of the chemical procedure they are finally developed and become much larger. Because of their new size, the molecules cannot pass through the cuticle anymore and stay trapped inside of the cortex. That’s why after tinting, bleaching, perming or chemically straightening our hair usually results in fuzzy, dry and easily breakable hair! Most chemicals that colour our hair contain ammonia, which has the pH of 11. Bleach, which has a pH of 13, is used to highlight hair, that’s almost at the end of the scale! This is why after using chemicals, hair can suffer permanent damages. To understand about hair, we should first understand the pH scale. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. The scale can be divided into 2 parts at pH 7, where it is neutral. . ACIDS are from pH 0 – 7 and ALKALINES are from 7-14. Not many people know that the pH of our skin and hair is between 4.5 – 5.5, hence we can see our skin and hair is acidic. We should search for good shampoos and conditioners between these pH ranges.
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