Why the Soprano XL, the new laser hair removal treatment, outclasses the competition!

By: N.Green | Posted: 23rd November 2010

Traditional laser hair removal treatments are well known to be painful and uncomfortable, with the feeling being likened to a hot rubber band being snapped against the skin. Not only that but most laser hair removal treatments give ineffective, unreliable results when used on some skin and hair colours.

Why put yourself through that discomfort to only be disappointed with the results, thatís not to even mention the possibility of side effects such as itching, redness and swelling of treatment area, hypo-pigmentation, discolouration, scabbing and even infection. Why take the risk?

Now we have the very latest, cutting edge, in laser technology, the Soprano XL. The Soprano XL is the worlds first, and only, laser hair removal treatment to be certified by the FDA as pain free thanks to its new IN-Motion application.

This machine will revolutionise the way people see laser hair removal, making it accessible to all. Where traditional laser hair removal systems are ineffective against dark skin and light hair, the Soprano XL works on all skin types, nearly all hair colours and is completely safe with virtually no risk of harmful side effects.

How does Soprano work?

The Soprano laser uses near infra red (NIR) technology to penetrate the skin deeply, gently and safely heating the dermis whilst causing permanent damage to the hair follicle preventing re-growth. Unlike other laser treatments, while heating the dermis the Soprano protects the epidermis, meaning no numbing creams or anaesthetics are required.

This near infra red technology couples with a unique IN-Motion technique to provide a uniform energy distribution that allows dramatic yet comfortable heating of the dermis, without damage to the epidermis. As a result of this safe deep heating the Soprano can also be used to treat the minor joint, muscle pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.

What is IN-Motion?

IN-Motion technology is Sopranos revolutionary application technique, using the NIR hand piece with a sweeping motion delivers low fluence, fast repetition pulses which gradually increase the tissue temperature. By constantly moving the hand piece during the treatment the lasers energy is distributed uniformly across the target area meaning no more skipped or missed spots and faster, more effective treatments.

If that is not enough, to ensure total safety and comfort, the Soprano also uses a dual chill tip which sprays the skin with a coolant milliseconds before it is pulsed with the laser which helps to protect the epidermis, allowing high fluence settings to be used on any, and all, skin types meaning reliable effective results for everybody.

If youíre thinking about laser hair removal then you really must look no further than the Soprano XL, the safest, most reliable and only pain free laser hair removal system in the world.

To see some videos of the Soprano XL in action or to find your nearest specialist that offers the Soprano Laser Hair Removal treatment please visit The Laser hair removal Group website, providing the very best up to date information and connecting customers to the premier laser hair removal clinics around the country.
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