Give Your Nails Some Wow Factor

By: tiffanywindhurst | Posted: 17th November 2010

Have you ever admired another woman's fingernails? The kind that are funky and colourful and you find yourself wanting to copy the look. Well, why not be your own trendsetter?

Fabulous fingernails are part of the overall image you present to the world. It should compliment your personality and style, but the best thing about fingernails is you can add a little more glitz than you would with the rest of your wardrobe.

Short or long, you can find a style that suits you best, but it might take a little time and effort. If you're not skilled at adding stencils or beading to make your nails fancy, you can try out different styles with false nails.

False nails are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. You can purchase the quick and easy stick on nails to try out a new look. These nails are the least expensive when it comes to false nails, so you can easily change your look without blowing the budget.

You can also experiment with colours and textures. If you don't like a lot of decor or pictures and such on your fingernails, try out some exciting nail polish. From simple and shiny red, to bright neon colours, there are shades for every personality. Trend it up with a layer of sparkles, or create your own coloured french manicure.

Instead of a traditional french manicure, try applying a light coloured base coat to your nail, such as lavender and then painting the french tip with a coordinating contrast such as deep purple. An exciting twist on a traditional look that will give your nails some pizzazz and glamour.

Have a little fun and try out different styles. If you find one you really love, go to the salon and have it done with acrylics. This wil give you a longer lasting and more durable nail that other women will be complementing you on.

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