An In-Depth Look at the SircleBind CB-240e Plastic Comb Binding Machine

By: Tim The Tutor | Posted: 17th November 2010

An In-Depth Look at the SircleBind CB-240e Plastic Comb Binding Machine

Now you can get electric punching in a plastic comb binding machine at an economic price! The Sircle Corp. SircleBind CB-240e is an electric punch and manual bind plastic comb binding machine. The CB-240e comb binding machine is the ideal piece of comb equipment for any office environment. It has built-in margin and punch depth guides as well as an adjustable edge guide for proper paper alignment. Foot pedal punching activation leaves both hands free for preparing your next book to be bound. The CB-240e weighs approximately 55 lbs, so we recommend storing it on a mobile work station if multiple binding locations are necessary. It measures about 19 x 20 x 6-3/4, so it will fit on almost any table or desk space. The total of 24 disengageable pins allow for a clean, even, customized punch on paper of various sizes. This feature is especially important if you are punching any sheet sizes other than 11. It allows for up to 48 hole punching on your oversized documents. The open throat allows for punching of documents larger than the specified 11 edge by simply flipping your pages and punching your them twice. The punch depth control lets you choose from three depths for hole placement, and the handle can be disassembled for ease of punching larger documents. The CB-240e Comb Binding Machine features a built-in comb spreader for comb binders up to 2 inches in diameter. You can power through up to 25 sheets of 20 lb. paper at a time with this electric comb punch.

We are so confident in this SircleBind Binding Machine that a standard 2 year manufacturers warranty is included. This affordable priced machine will meet the flexibility and durability that one seeks in a disengageable die comb binding machine. The CB-240e is a good fit for offices and small print shops being that it is electric to speed up production and reduce operator fatigue. The investment is minimal for an electric punch.

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing the SircleBind CB-240e , visit Tim the Tutor at They have great pricing on a full line of Plastic Comb Binding Machines and they charge only $9 for shipping UPS Ground. Shop online now!
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