A closer look at some Famous and Revolutionary Photographers

By: Matt Canham | Posted: 16th November 2010

If you've ever wondered about who some of the most famous and revolutionary photographers were, then this article is for you.There are only a couple of photographers who ever gain fame for their extraordinary work. However, there are many unique images taken by artists that are recognized universally. This article will look at some of them.

First, let's look at Henri Cartier-Bresson. He is famous for the pictures of the Berlin Wall along with war pictures and other images he took of conflict during his lifetime.

Like Henri Cartier- Bresson, Dorthea Lange, a natural photographer, took pictures of the Great Depression. She realized the importance of documenting the problems people faced during hardship. She took pictures of poverty and her pictures caused such uproar that people and even the government were so concerned they began to help and send food to the location of where the pictures were taken. Her photography resulted in a wave of social action and ultimately paved the way into history books about the Great Depression.

Contrasting Dorthea Lange’s productive act of changing social oppression, Helmut Newton changed commercial fashion markets. He gained recognition after his pictures were seen on the cover of Playboy magazine. Due to his popularity his pictures became worth a lot of money. Since his death in 2003, the value of his photographs has climbed with some selling for close to $25,000 (US).

The photographers helped to change and shape social practices. However, Eadweard Muybridge used a unique technique that shaped and changed the style of photography. His work was revolutionary for his time. He used still photos to capture motion. He came up with the idea of using multiple cameras to capture a horse galloping, with each camera set to take the picture a second after the last camera. He then put the pictures together to create a frieze or picture story.

So there you have it, some of the most famous and revoutionary photographers of recent times.These photographers revolutionized the realm of photography using advanced ideas to influence societal values. Their extraordinary work will be remembered for many years to come as future photographers use their work to inspire their own.

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