Loral Langemeier Offers Her Ideas on Vision

By: lorallangemeier | Posted: 08th November 2010

A clear vision keeps you on course; it gives you purpose. It forecasts the total journey you are about to take and gives you something to strive toward. It represents the higher purpose of your business; it is something to which you and your business aspire. Your vision needs to be clear and focused so that you will be proud to repeat it to every person you meet.

As I teach in my Loral Langemeier Millionaire Maker Guide, a business with no vision could be compared to a plane without a flight plan wandering aimlessly, never knowing where to land and refuel because you donít have a destination. Most people have an impression of what they want to do Ė but that impression is not a vision. Your vision will chart your course and keep you true to what you want to achieve. Itís the same as saying, ďkeep your eye on the prize.Ē We encourage you to work on your vision with a team Ė so your limiting beliefs and history donít hinder the scope of your business.

One of the best definitions of vision that Iíve come across comes from Cynthia D. Scott, Dennis T. Jeffe, and Glenn R Tobe who wrote:

A vision is a picture of a preferred future state, a description of what it would be like to be some years from now. It is a dynamic picture of the future. It is more than a dream or set of hopes; it is a commitment. The vision provides the context for designing or managing the changes that will be necessary to reach those goals.

According to Collins and Porras, 1997 book Built To Last, visions are comprised of 4 parts: purpose, mission, descriptive narrative, and values.

In my Loral Langemeier Millionaire Maker Guide, I show you how to apply those 4 principles to the growth and success of your company.

Loral knows what it takes to succeed and her system and techniques are battle-tested in every economy. Itís up to you to use this information and build your own financial success.

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