Where to Buy Original Leroy Neiman Paintings

By: Adam Sawyer | Posted: 05th November 2010

A lot of people who think they would like to begin collecting original artwork or fine art feel uncertain as they are afraid of spending huge amounts of money on supposedly original Leroy Neiman paintings only to find that they are fake. Although it is quite true that learning how to buy original artwork is an art in itself, it can be compared to just about any other kind of skill and anyone who might be interested can acquire it and purchase original Leroy Neiman artwork successfully.

Experts who have bought original Leroy Neiman paintings, Peter Max Paintings, Chihuly glass, Peter Lik, Erte, Paul Wegner and Leonardo Nierman artwork tell us that the skill of purchasing original art is made up of four steps. First, one has to define the kind of art that one would like to buy. Next, he should select a couple of artists or so who create this kind of art after which he should research these artists as well as their works of art and finally negotiate in order to get the best price possible whether it is Leroy Neiman artwork you choose or Peter Max artwork.

The first thing that you need to learn in this entire process of learning to buy original art like the Leroy Neiman originals is to ensure that the eye-catching artwork that you intend to buy is indeed original. The marketplace for art is swamped with a lot of artwork that might look original but they are in fact reproductions. In today’s hi-tech age so many different art works like the Leroy Neiman artwork can be reproduced mechanically with a touch of a few buttons and appear to be a Leroy Neiman original art. Hence in the defining phase itself, a buyer must learn how to be able to distinguish between the original Leroy Neiman paintings and the copies.

Once a buyer gains confidence in his ability to be able to spot a Leroy Neiman artwork then he can go ahead and define the kind of Leroy Neiman paintings he would like to add to his personal art collection. It will help if the buyer also learns the art terms that are normally used so that the art galleries or dealers can assist them in finding the kind of art that they prefer within a price range that is affordable to them. Thus, there will be no waste of time with artwork that the customer would not be interested in buying.

Once the buyer sets his guidelines for the galleries and dealers, the selection phase can start. Buying one of the Leroy Neiman paintings or a Chihuly is like shopping for anything else; you have to compare the prices, the vendors as well as the quality before you make a purchase. For those who want to purchase Leroy Neiman artwork or any other artwork for that matter, it means finding out these brokers or vendors who deal in exactly the kind of original art that they are looking to buy like the Leroy Neiman art and then comparing the prices offered by the various brokers.

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