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By: ArtSupply | Posted: 05th November 2010

If you've shopped for art supplies lately,then you know that there is an incredible selection available today.If you're an experienced artist or a teacher then the wide selection is probably not daunting.But if you're a hobbyist,a one-time artist, or a mom trying to supply school aged kids,the enormous selection can present a real time consuming challenge.

What Kind of Foamboard?

Take foamboard as an example.Foamboard is made of layered styrofoam that is sandwiched between large paper sheets.It is used for making signs that won't curl, crafts, paintings,temporary bulletin boards and much more.You would think that such a simple but useful art and craft item would be limited in choices.

Think again! Foamboard comes in numerous styles and colors. Here is just a sample of what you will find when you start shopping.

>> Simple white and black foamboard

>> Acid free foam board for longer lasting painting

>> Aluminum board for digital printing

>> Biodegradable foamboard for those who are "green"

>> Cotton rag foamboard for archival quality

>> Flame resistant foamboard where fire threat is high

A high quality art supply store gives you options in every category including,paints, brushes,clay, art tools,easels,drafting supplies and even manikins for learning how to draw the body.It's frustrating to shop a store and discover they only have half of the supplies you need forcing you to buy from multiple stores.Shop a store that carries a full line of supplies and you save time and money.

Make a List and Check it Twice!

So what should you do when faced with such a large selection?

>> Get a detailed description of what you need before you start shopping

>> Make a list of specific art supply needs

>> Go online and browse the selections starting with the most basic versions

>> Verify the cost of different supply items

>> Order online from a company that has a return policy

Let's face it,many times people buy the wrong supplies but you don't discover it until the supplies arrive and you can actually look at them.Check your supplies soon after receipt and decide if they are the ones you needed.

Shopping an experienced online store that sells art supplies can make the whole process much simpler if you're a teacher or parent.For example,if you live in Chicago,Illinois,the local online art supply store researches what the schools require and can make recommendations as to the supplies you should buy.That can save you a lot of time and money.

Of course,plenty of other people buy art supplies.The art store is where you can find drafting tables,crafting supplies,professional art supplies and supplies for home decorators.

At some time in our life we will need art supplies.They are just one of life's necessities.The task of buying quality art supplies at a single location is made much easier if you are choosy about the store you shop.

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