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By: Editor123 | Posted: 19th October 2010

A vintage travel poster used as a decorative piece for the interior decoration of a travel office lobby, is the best way to add liveliness to the ambiance. Vintage posters represent the magnificent beauty and artistic insights of the glorious past. These posters work as informative pieces about the societal fashions, thought process and way of living of people of different time periods. The vintage posters work as windows to the past and they provide invaluable interesting information about the social issues and lifestyle of the time period in which they were created.

How to use vintage posters as decorative pieces?

One should be clear about the genre of the vintage art poster he/she wants to buy. Some people prefer vintage travel posters and vintage movie posters (One can find posters of major movie releases of 1930’s or 1940’s) as to decorate their living rooms. Vintage posters representing food items or liquor may be used in kitchens and dining room.

A planned chronological order of vintage art posters can be used to liven up the living room and hallways. The visitors will enjoy the experience of travelling back in the time. It is very important to properly research about the significance of any particular vintage art poster that one is looking forward to buy. Some of these posters might have been designed to express certain political messages. Thus, before buying a vintage art poster, be sure about the message it is expressing. Ill-informative, propaganda posters of the war times, or some vintage movie poster with a negative political image if used, may cause offense.

Apart from entertainment and political vintage arts posters, one may also use vintage machinery posters such as an antique bicycle or vintage car posters. Picturesque posters of vintage airplanes in a chronological order, showcasing the development in aviation industry can be an excellent showpiece for the hallway of a living room.
Antique posters may also be used as impressive decorative pieces in restaurant and hotels. Vintage travel posters depicting the destination where the hotel is situated, through the eyes of the artist, can cast a memorable impact on the visitors at the hotel.

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