Crows & Ravens go away…

By: shraddha | Posted: 14th October 2010

Ever since ancient times, black has been considered as the color that denotes doom, despair and even death. Folklore has it that a crow sound or even a raven sound outside the house or the constant wailing of a black cat is the first signal of death, despair and / or doom in that house. People also tend to believe that if you are making a new beginning like going for some rituals, going for an interview, starting your own office etc and you see too many crows on the way or you constantly hear crow and raven sounds, then it is best not to proceed to the task that was initialized because the visibility of crows and ravens on the way has already signaled bad luck and unsuccessfulness.

Unfortunately for many crows and ravens are very intelligent birds. It is said that if a crow or a raven sees you putting in crow traps / raven traps in your house or farm, they will tell the others and even work their way around the traps! These pesky birds love to feed on some of the berries in the farm or eat up farmrs sun dried tomatoes or leave their excreta in every jar of pickle and preserve left to dry out in the sun. Not only do they do that, they tend to harm the crops and because they are non-vegetarian, they even harm small animals like new born sheep / lambs and chickens and invariably eat them up as well.

And it is not just farms that want to implement some form of crow control; many an Australian household wants to get rid of ravens and crows as well. So many Australians complain that when they wake up early morning for a stroll on the pavement or a walk in the garden, the extremely loud crow sound and raven sound is difficult to bear. On top of that crow and raven excreta smells all over the place with dead bones of animals and fish lying strewn about and that, like anybody would say, is not the best way to start a morning.

Many Australians think about things like, Crow control, crow traps, raven traps etc., almost every day. But unfortunately these don’t work and if it wasn’t bad enough, killing crows is illegal in Australia, despite the fact that almost every Australian is singing crow be gone!

Many an Australian are now looking to get rid of crows using more humane techniques like digital repellers, CD’s, books on how to get rid of crows etc.

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