Custom Toll Free – Toll Free Numbers-Part2

By: Alena Smith | Posted: 30th September 2010

Toll free numbers have a very different way of affecting how companies attract customers. The initial attraction occurs at once since the call is free of charge for the callers. Studies have shown that there are more people that will choose to dial a toll free number than any long distance phone numbers or even local numbers that will cost them money as well. Nowadays, people are trying to save and companies must find a way around expenses and bring to customers the services they deserve.

As one of the most important marketing techniques, companies waver at the thought of subscribing to one, simply because of the expenses that the company has to incur just at the installation and subscription of toll free numbers. The cost of becoming toll free is not a joke and to get one for a company takes a lot of research and careful study of the company’s situation. If a company gets a toll free number in an untimely manner, the benefits may backfire and the results may be deadly for the company. In getting a toll free number, some factors must be considered before going through the process.

Before anything else, a company must do research – on toll free numbers and on the company itself. The company’s financial condition is essential in deciding if it’s the right time to acquire a toll free number. Marketing programs must also be advised of possible effects in attaining a toll free number as their programs will also be affected. The company must look for affordable and reasonably priced packages for their type of business and compare with other packages from different service providers. Each package differs because not all business have the same nature and some will need lower priced packages for bulk calls while others may prefer to start slow with a per call based rate.

A budget must be formed to allow the accounting department to sort out finances and produce or allot enough money for the toll free number. The marketing department will also have to adjust their promotional methods and include the newly attained toll free number in their advertisements as well as be flexible enough for future developments. The company must weigh their options carefully because once the company takes a step back, it may be a little harder to find their way to the top again. It is always best to compute opportunity costs before taking big steps for development.

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