Don't Be Ashamed To Have An "Exit" Plan Long Before You Say "I Do"

By: Johnfox | Posted: 29th September 2010

Don't Be Ashamed To Have An "Exit" Plan Long Before You Say "I Do"

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Many nasty things have frequently been said about pre-nuptial settlement contracts. These pre-marital agreements usually cover couples in the event of a divorce, making it unnecessary to go to court and thus spend big on legal fees.

In most marriages, a woman is the most vulnerable partner in the event of a divorce. She will usually be left with the children and plenty of other financial obligations, let alone the emotional baggage. Yet most women are not comfortable with pre-nuptial agreements, usually initiated by the man in their lives. They will usually read all sorts of things into them and on some occasions it has even changed their feelings for them, forever. And yet a good pre-nuptial contract can be the best thing to happen to any woman.

Despite the sense they make, the few women who have dared sign a pre-nuptial arrangements initiated by their husbands have still ended up as the villains in many folk’s minds and have been called many names.

Although there are clearly many advantages of signing a pre-nuptial contract before marriage, most people believe that they encourage divorce before a marriage has a chance of working out.

There is actually little or no evidence pointing in this direction. If anything pre-nuptial contracts or “exit” plans can in fact strengthen marriages and help reduce the chances of a divorce. As terrible and frightening it is to consider, the facts are that many men will not resist the temptation to take advantage of a woman, given half a chance. A pre-nuptial contract reduces the chances of this happening by protecting the woman, who wins respect from the husband, even it is given grudgingly. While I do not want to make a direct comparison between marriage and the best way a country prevents war by ensuring that they are ready for it and that their possible opponents know it, there are actually many similarities between the two here.

But what is more, written pre-nuptial agreements help to guarantee that no smart lawyer and ruthless husband will take advantage of a divorced woman in the event of divorce. More so if the woman is brave enough to do the smart thing and negotiate the terms of the pre-nup before signing so as to fully ensure that she is financially covered in the event of divorce.

There is really nothing to be ashamed of in making an elaborate exit plan long before you walk the aisle. If anything any married woman who does not have an exit plan in place is a sitting duck for divorce lawyers and the usual consequences on their finances and future in the event of a divorce. It really doesn’t matter what everybody else thinks or says, it is you who will be left holding the pieces. .


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