3D TV - The Latest Craze

By: Franklin Bill | Posted: 23rd September 2010

The latest to enter the world of entertainment is the 3D TV. A high definition (HD) might portray images more brightly or more clearly, but surely 3D TV is the one, which would bring out the explosions to be louder and which would make the landscapes seem to roll out of the TV. Whether it is a children's movie, a sports events or a sci-fi flick, the experience with 3D would surely be different than it is with the present day television and home theatre systems.

3D TVs work on the principle of showing slightly different images to both the eyes, creating an illusion as if the things are being viewed not just from one angle, but more. The 3D TVs are equipped with an infrared emitter, which when shows 3D images, alternates between images to show different angled images for the left and the right eye. The glasses that are worn when viewing the 3D work are instructed by the infrared emitter to dim the left and the right lens creating 3D illusion.

3D TVs being the latest craze now are only available from known brands like Sony, LG, Samsung and Panasonic. The high end televisions launched by these electronic giants are capable of handling 3D work. To view 3D content at home on the 3D TV what one needs is a pair of 3D glasses and a high definition TV that can handle 3D. To watch 3D movies, which are available on a blu-ray disc, you would need a blu-ray player especially made for the purpose.

Now that we know what 3D TVs are and how they work, the question that rises in the mind is that should one go for the normal high definition television or opt a 3D TV, which at the present is a little expensive. If your decision is in favor of the 3D version of television, here a few guidelines to keep in mind while on a hunt to buy 3D TVs:

1. Choice between HD3D, HD2D or 2D: if you are ready to shell out more than $3000 for a new television set, the choice should be a 3D TV, whereas if you plan to spend something less than this, then buying a high definition 2D model for now is prudence. You can wait for the prices to fall, so that the 3D version is within your budget.

2. Format supported: panel speeds, viewing angles and black levels in televisions are handled by formats; therefore, selecting a television that can support 3D is to an extent dependent on an expert's suggestion. Most new 3D TVs have LED formats, but one should get expert advice on this one.

3. Compatibility with Blu-ray: you should check whether your blu-ray player is compatible with your 3D TV because pre 2010 players are not compatible with the latest 3D models of television coming out.

The 3D TV technology in television is all set to change the dynamics of viewing sports, movies or other programs. However, one has to bear in mind the cost, the compatibility and other things before going to buy a 3D TV.
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