Various Personalization Options for Funeral Urns

By: Sunil Punjabi | Posted: 14th September 2010

The various things that you come across in a person's home such as paintings, sports equipments and musical instruments represent the hobbies and personality of the person. funeral urns can be unique and special if they are engineered and customized in order to reflect the personality of the deceased. The urns can be designed to capture even the profession of the departed person. Personalizing the keepsake urns makes you feel more intimate to your beloved one during grieving process. Give clear instructions to the company that is going to craft your personalized urn

Engraving can be done on ceramic, wooden, brass, stone, metal funeral urns. If the deceased person was a baseball player, then an image of baseball can be crafted by skilled artisans with the name, birth and death year engraved. Photo frame urns with engraving on nameplate are one of the best options when it comes to personalization of funeral urns. The interests and hobbies can be beautifully captured by making sculptures of bikes, hockey players, clowns, ashtrays, books etc. Not only do the customized keepsake urns made out of glass, ceramic, bronze and wood hold the remains but they also serve as lovely decorative pieces. The artistic experts understand the importance of customized memorials for your beloved ones and lovable pets.

The loss of a pet is as distressing as the death of a human being. Personalized funeral urns are meant not only for human beings but also for your lovable pets. A figurine of an angelic sleeping dog in a basket can be customized with an engraved tag containing the pet's name, year of birth and death and a short quote. A bronze or copper model of a sweet cat sleeping over a ball of yarn, with your pet's name engraved on the nameplate can be bought and placed on the mantel piece in your house. A rotating cremation urn made out of wood can hold up to six pictures of your beloved pet with a poem or paw prints engraved on it.

The other options that you can imagine beyond customized keepsake funeral urns are cremation jewelry and various customized outdoor memorials for your lovable pets as well as beloved father, mother, husband, wife son or daughter. Symbols of paw prints, dove, praying hands etc can be engraved on displays made out of natural stones that make the surroundings in your backyard or garden more meaningful and serene. Cremation jewelry upon wearing can be taken wherever you go. Pendants with photo of your beloved ones give you more comfort. You can open the locket and have a look at it whenever you want to feel their presence. Cylindrical pendants that can hold a portion of the cremated remains can be used. To honor the death of your pet animals, pendants that are in the shape of dogs, cats and paw prints can be used.

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