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By: revitol | Posted: 07th September 2010

Revitol, is a reputed producer and manufacturer of skin care and beauty products in the Unites States. The company was founded in 2002, and has since been a reputed and trusted name when it comes to the health and beauty market.

The team here have focused their efforts towards developing safe and effective products that will help men and women to battle conditions like stretch marks and cellulite. They also have a solution for the removal of unwanted hair.

With an aim to provide a premium quality range of health and beauty products, Revitol began somewhat of a revolution in 2004 when their products first appeared in use by major Hollywood celebrities. According to the company, what gives them an unprecedented edge is their focus on research and development of products that use ingredients never used before.

By combining the knowledge from the latest scientific breakthroughs in nutritional sciences, Revitol has been consistently introducing to their creams a greater number of ingredients, which are sourced from across the world.

These natural ingredients are then combined in scientifically studied proportions, to create products that are effective for all skin types.

Another major advantage of using Revitol creams is that they come with zero side effects. Common side effects like rashes, burns and acne, are fairly common in similar chemically-based products.

Products offered by under the brand 'Revitol' include:

Hair Removal Cream - which is meant for getting rid of unwanted hair on the body.
Stretch Mark Cream - is a targeted solution to aid in the removal and prevention of stretch marks.
Cellulite Solution - is a treatment to treat the presence of excess fat present in pockets under the skin.
Anti Aging Solution - specially target the many signs of aging to make you look younger and healthier.
Skin Brightener - helps to improve the skin tone to produce a natural glow.
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