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By: Nick Jaggs | Posted: 27th August 2010

The Omega VERT VRT330 Juicer has been able to answer a number of questions about the problems with low speed masticating juicers which for some time now has led a great many people to think that this is a specialist piece of equipment for leading a healthy life. The problem that this juicer is able to solve specifically is that it doesn't take time to set up this one as a conventional low speed juicer so it doesn't take too look to get your quick juice fix every day.

For those who enjoy juicing, up until now they would have to either select a juicer that was easy to use but would only work at hand speed. Otherwise they would have to go for the more versatile juicers but these worked at a low slower speed but will allow them to juice a variety of different ingredients including soft fruits, leafy green vegetables and wheatgrass. What they couldn't have was a juicer capable of doing both these things at once.

But following the introduction of this new vertical low speed auger Omega juicer the problem that it takes time to juice ingredients has now been rectified. As the traditional single auger masticating juicer has been placed on its head this vertical one is able to process greater amounts of ingredients with each rotation of the large auger at low speed. So this means that you not only have access to all types of super food juices that you won't get using a traditional household juicer. It is also much more convenient and quick to use.

In fact any new vertical auger juicer including the Omega VERT VRT330 will allow you to juice ingredients a great deal faster and easier than would be the case if you were using the quickest traditional household centrifugal juicer. Also what this means is that the type of healthy ingredients such as leaves, greens, wheatgrass and soft fruits can be placed through this type of juicer where as a centrifugal model won't be able to cope with them. So this now allows you to incorporate these kinds of foods in to your family's diet no matter how hectic their lifestyles are as they are quick and easy to use.

How major this breakthrough is for this new design of juicer cannot be overstated. But not only how long it takes to make juice and how easy it is to use and clean - these will be key factors that determine if the juicer gets used or ends up stored away in a cupboard. Up until now of course the juicers that have been considered most user friendly are the centrifugal models. But these juicers haven't been able to provide the kinds of benefits of giving us good quality juice that is healthy and which low speed masticating juicers are capable of doing.

As both health and nutrition are becoming increasingly important in people's lives so the benefits to be had from juicing a larger selection of fruits and vegetables is something that people are becoming more aware of. When it comes to the Omega VERT VRT330 juicer it is able to provide you with large amounts of high quality juice form cold pressed fruits and vegetables in a very small space of time and this is something a great many health enthusiasts will appreciate.

The actual auger in this juicer is around three to four times as big as the kind that would be found in a horizontal auger juicer. This means that it can juice larger quantities of ingredients. Also the filter fitted in this juicer is able to separate the juice much more and so the amount of juice flowing from it as each turn of the auger takes place is far greater. Also unlike other screens in juicers this one has a self cleaning silicone wiper blade system meaning that juice flows through it more quickly so allowing you to juice large quantities of ingredients at any one time. Yes it takes half the time to make juice due to its larger auger but the amount of nutrients remain high as it rotates at a pace of only 80 revolutions per minute. Even though this is a fast juicer it actually is slow.

There are some slow speed juicers that when trying to juice soft fruits problems would arise as the filter screen became clogged. Juice would then become backed up and the process of juicing would slow down. What is fair to say is that with quite a few juicers it isn't economical to use them for getting juice from berries and soft fruits. So most people would instead use these ingredients in smoothies. But with the introduction of the Omega VERT VRT330 this has changed as it is more than capable of quickly producing large quantities of juice from soft fruit. You may well be astounded to find the amount of pulp that is left when a juicer is able to effectively juice soft fruits. Today in the world of juicing getting half a cup of waste from a watermelon is amazing. You will also found that the Omega VERT is capable of quickly getting juice from grapes and when I use it has had me thinking about starting my own winery.

When these types of innovations hit the market then it will not be unusual to see a number of other models appearing on the market. As well as Omega VERT juicers the same factory has begun to produce the Oscar 930 Pro and Hurom Slow juicers as well. Also you will find that other brands of vertical auger juicers have been produced by other factories with the same kinds of features and components. So it can prove very hard for the consumers to decide which one to buy, especially if they perform in a very similar way.

However Omega have a selling point that is completely unique and which helps to set them apart from their competitors. They use a GE Ultem juicing auger. Not only is this ultra hard material used in Omega VERT juicers but also in the Omega 8006 Juicer Nutrition Center. There are reports that suggest this material is 8 times harder than any other used in juicing augers and as a result it means that the GE Ultem part in these juicers is much more durable.

When you take into account the amount of friction and force that is generated by the chewing action of the augers screws as they grind the tough plant fibres down of course the machine needs components that are strong. Especially if the machine will be used each and every day. But what also makes purchasing one of these new revolutionary juicers from Omega is the high level of product and aftercare support that this company provides to its customers.

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