Designing A Press Release For Traffic

By: Scott Dudley | Posted: 19th August 2010

A press release can best by decribed as a news report to the media. Its primary purpose is to give journalists current information that's useful, informative, correct and fascinating.

Thru press releases you can publish to your blog such as breaking reports, events, articles or releases from other firms or services. You can post remarks about what is occurring with your blog.

Editors and news reporterss are always looking out for human interest stories. To catch the media, whenever it's possible, base your press releases on stories about specific folk, localities, and events. The more precise, local and personal you can get the more captivating your story will be.

A press release should ideally include some fascinating information, something newsworthy or important, so that folk will need to publish it and bring attention to whatever it is on your blog that's interesting.

You can announce :

* prepared events
* staff promotions
* awards, news, products and services
* sales accomplishments
* and lots more.

The basic secret is to make your story interesting to the media. It's tempting to believe that press releases are "old media" and have no part to play in today's world of the internet age.

Not so! .

The testing conducted by lots of other professional promoters has demonstrated that press releases can create significant surges in site traffic, and generate hundreds or even thousands of back links, chase up stories, exposure in nationwide publication, and media discussions about your goods and services.

When you get requests for interviews or questions from the media, chase up these phone calls or e-mails right away as most media reporterss are on tight cut off dates to get their stories finished.

A press release has a particular format and it is not designed to be an article in itself. It is supposed to quickly educate an editor or media reporter on the story and on your company. It will also service to build links to your internet site and drive traffic thru exposure.

Avoid making a press release which is merely an announcement about your company, your goods. You can write about timely new trends or issues facing your industry and how they are influencing people in your industry or in the public. Write a tale about these effects. If you can be unique and controversial in your views than do so, it'll help you stick out.

Never really advertise your services or products. You shouldn't be trying to sell anything or gloat about your products! You can however inform your audience how your products or services have played a part in the story, or how they are a solution to the situation.

Include quotes from real people in your story to keep it authentic and real. Provide examples and statistical data to prove what you say. These are the dynamic recommendations that most marketers learn from experience only, and won't instantaneously tell you!

If you use these precious insights above you will be as startled as to how well they work. | Scott C Dudley is an internet marketer who blogs on the topics on Wealth Mastery, Health Mastery, Self Mastery, and Marketing Mastery.
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