Using Perfume to Show a Special Kind of Beauty

By: Sharon | Posted: 17th August 2010

Perfume is the most classic fashion item in the fashion world. It is a magic cosmetic. Most girls in the world cannot help falling in love with it. But it is really difficult to explain why this element can attract them. To make most of perfume can show a special kind of beauty of her.

Now letís take a look at how to make good use of this lovely fashion element.

How to keep the perfume?

Perfume is expensive, and it is a kind of investment of beauty. We have to keep them properly so as to ensure that our investment is valuable. Air, heat and light are the natural enemies of perfume, so we have to keep the perfume away of these elements.

1. Unopened perfume, so long as to avoid hot or stored in a light place, its shelf life about in 3 years. Many people like to put the perfume in the toilet. But it is not a good option indeed. I, because the toilet is often a warm hot electrica!

2. To minimize the chance perfume contact with air. Once you open the bottle, perfume will begin volatile, is not conducive to the preservation of perfume. So, like every day for the girls spray perfume in mind, and suggest that you buy, choose the minimum capacity of more appropriate packaging.

3. If you are buying a relatively affordable price of large bottled perfume, you can put into the refrigerator to extend its shelf life.

4. Do not throw away the box fragrance! Light box can be less effective against the threat of perfume. After spraying, you have to put the perfume back into the box.

5. Unpacking over the perfume, the shelf life of only about a year and a half or so. If the color starts to get fragrance, texture becomes thick, quickly thrown away!

How to apply perfume?

1.If you are sensitive skin, you have to avoid using perfume spray perfume directly on the skin, you can spray on a hot coat hanger paved the handkerchief perfume, put clothes iron on clothing 1-2 cm above the move. Case of evaporation of alcohol, fragrance also remain in the clothing; or carry a handkerchief sprayed with perfume; or try to use low-alcohol perfume composition.

2.If you want the flavor last longer after putting them on, you can try the way of "Cascading wear perfume Act." You can use the same series of products in bath, and then spay the fragrance on your body. The last point of the highest concentration of perfume or fragrance in the pulse, so that you can smell a long time winding ghost.

3.When used after a certain fragrance, you will unwittingly paint more than ever. Appropriate concentration was within arm's length, others can smell the wonderful scent.

Girls believe that perfume can sometimes have a very powerful force to life. Every year, the major perfume companies launch their own fragrance for both men and women. Some of these perfumes can be a best item for the season or the year, and some can serve as permanent collection. And choose a different fragrance can help you to create a different mood.

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