Be Spontaneous With Sectional Sofas

By: Jamie Hanson | Posted: 16th August 2010

Sectional sofas are usually considered family furniture, for use in the den or great room, because of their typically casual look. But they can be formal as well, moving easily into the living room or parlor. They can bring sophistication to a business lobby. A leather sectional sofa is particularly suited to a more formal or business style, but it can be fun, too, and a durable addition to family areas.

The best thing about a sectional sofa is probably the spontaneity it offers in room arrangement. Not only can it be oriented in the way a furniture showroom sets it up-the typical L-pattern-but it can be split into its separate sections and positioned in different areas of a room. The largest piece can be placed in the middle of a large room to serve as a sofa, with the smaller sections arranged on the other side or the end of a coffee table to act as individual seats. If there is a chaise style piece in the sectional sofa set, it can be placed by itself near a window to provide a comfortable reading or napping spot. And if the homeowner tires of one arrangement, she can indulge a flash of spontaneity and rearrange the sections whenever she likes.

The modern sectional sofa comes in a variety of styles that will suit anyone's needs. The wide range of fabric allows it to match any decor, from country to contemporary. The backs of sectional sofas can be high or low so that the pieces blend with existing living room furniture. Such sofas come with recliner sections or without. Some have built-in tabletops while others are simply sleek sitting areas. Again, this allows a homeowner to arrange her sectional whenever and however she pleases.

When shopping for sectional sofas, however, the buyer should be aware that most sections hook together so that they will not slide apart when someone sits on them. Quality furniture designers ensure that the 'hooks' are unobtrusive so that they will not be noticed if the homeowner decides to split the pieces apart. Therefore, when shopping for a sofa sectional, the buyer should examine each piece to make sure she can split the pieces without revealing too much hardware.

A contemporary sectional sofa allows the homeowner to display her own sense of style and still take advantage of the natural nooks in her home. These popular pieces encourage flexibility and spontaneity, both of which contribute to a more comfortable home.

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