Re-use Your Cardboard Boxes

By: Chris Roche | Posted: 13th August 2010

There always comes a time when you are trying to clear up the house and you just don't have a place to put some things. They are things that you don't want to throw away but that you also are not going to use any time soon. Ideally you want to just get them stored in a garage or in your loft on the off chance that you will come to use them again. This is where most people hit a stumbling block, they don't have anything that they can put the random collection of items in so they end up stuffing them back into drawers and cupboards as they were. If you were to keep hold of some of your cardboard boxes then this would solve your storage problem.

When a lot of people purchase something, they will usually end up just throwing out the packaging without a second thought. However, if you kept hold of the box your new television came in or your latest shoebox then they can come in handy later on. Most boxes can be flat-packed anyway so they don't even have to take up much space when empty. All you then have to do is reassemble them when needed and add a bit of tape to keep them together. You can then fill them with the clutter that you don't yet want to throw away and at least clear them from your main living area.

Choosing to re-use your cardboard boxes will not only be of benefit to yourself but also a small benefit to the environment as well. Instead of you just throwing them out you are effectively recycling them for additional use.

Written by E-Commerce Manager of Storm Trading, Chris Roche. For more information on cardboard boxes, bubble wrap or any other packing products check out our site and see what mailing bags and packaging boxes we have available.
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