How to convert Kodak zi8 videos to iMovie mpeg-4, iMovie imports Kodak video?

By: smilechens | Posted: 10th August 2010

iMovie imports Kodak video, convert Kodak zi8 videos to iMovie mpeg-4?

With a potential market of billions of pocket video camera enthusiasts, all the manufacturers are working feverishly to outdo each other. Take for instance the new pocket video cameras (Kodak zi8) that have been developed in recent years, It has been carefully designed to capture the growing market of easy to use and extremely portable camera with built in capabilities that make sharing the videos on the computer and loading them up to the popular social networking sites like face book, or incredibly easy. Before uploading them to the computer you want to import/edit it to video editing program like iMovie for Mac, but confused that your video files aren't compatible with iMovie.

The issue for the Mac users is that Kodak zi8 records in .mov format. It is just an inconvenience to let iMovie import Kodak video with a Mac, you will have to convert it to a file format that iMovie supports like converting Kodak zi8 to dv, Kodak zi8 to dvd, Kodak zi8 to mpeg-4, Kodak video to iMovie Converter is one quick and best video converter software to convert Kodak zi8 videos to dv/dvd/mpeg-4 for video editing in iMovie.

Kodak video to iMovie Converter is versatile and easy-to-use tool that convert HD mov to almost popular formats that iMovie supports, such as Kodak zi8 to iMovie, Kodak zi6 to iMovie, Kodak zx1 to iMovie, Kodak Playsport to iMovie, you can also do some editing by trimming your movie clips, adjust contrast, color and brightness, and splice your clips into a cohesive movie. It supports converting HD mov video clips to dv mpeg-4 for batch loaded video files while keep its original quality.

Kodak video to iMovie Converter has fired the latest salvo in the increasingly competitive video converter market. It aims to appeal to those who want top converting quality rather than just video conversion of those free trial software, if you're thirsting for a video converting with low-price and best converting quality than the common converting quality of free trial software, Kodak video to iMovie Converter is the best choice for you!
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