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By: John Michals | Posted: 05th August 2010

One of the biggest problems that people around the globe faced during the industrial revolution is the lack of standardization. Each and every manufacturer would have his own products and the products are manufactured according to his standards and this resulted in varying standards and the people who bought them were able to set a suitable price for the products that they bought. This system also had problems in combining various products. Assembling smaller parts to create bigger machines became highly difficult. To solve all these, problem standards were established and it was due to these standards, assembly lines were created around the globe and the business environment improved. Lately in the computer field, many organizations had developed a number of technologies and there emerged a lot of work force who claimed that they were highly qualified to work with the technology but the employers weren't very sure of the employee's claims and this led to problems.

Organizations such as Microsoft which created newer technologies decided to put a full stop to this problem and they had decided to provide certifications for people who have good knowledge in various technologies. This was the way in which certifications were born. Now these certifications have become the toast of the day! Each and every organization looks out for certifications while hiring candidates for a job role. This has been the influence of certifications and the other main reason for these certifications to gain popularity is the enthusiasm shown by the student community to obtain these certifications. One of the most sought after certification program from Microsoft is the Microsoft window server 2003 examination. This examination is given the code number 70-290. The main aim of this examination is to test the candidates' ability to handle the various issues related to the Microsoft 2003 server environment. Once a person clears the examination, he could take up the other higher level exams of Microsoft. There are various things that Microsoft expects the candidate to know to in order to clear the exam. The candidate must be able to handle roaming as well as local user profiles. The person must be able to configure resources settings, device properties, and driver signing options and must also be able to handle the trouble shooting wizard of the Microsoft server.

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