Cost Effective plans for Broadband, TV and phone calls

By: Abner Tegan | Posted: 05th August 2010

The following Guide helps you to save in communication industry:

Mobile Phones -

The Ofcom's website gives details about the network having good coverage. Make wise decisions regarding phone contract deals from pay as you go and contract deals. The pay as you go is a prepaid mobile deal which keeps a check on the money you are spending. In contract mobile phone you pay monthly rental and you get assured gifts and different offers like free text and TalkTime, etc. with this.

Ofcom says: "The best way to find a deal that suits you is to look at your bill or call your provider to get a breakdown of your usage. How many texts and calls do you make? Do you use the Internet? Who do you call most and are they on the same network? You could make savings if they are. Don't guess. Most people overestimate how much they use and end up paying extra."

Satellite and Cable TV -

Websites like & gives you information about the best deals for free satellite TV like up to 50 digital TV channels, no subscription fee, etc. There are various money saving offers with different network connections which also provide you mobile and broadband deals services. These websites like, etc. also provide the costs of the digital TV channels and broadband connections.

Landline Phones -

Certain companies offer free calls and cheap call charges to the customers whereby, the evening call rates after 6pm till 8 am are free whereas, the daytime call rates are just 3p per minute with a 4p connection charge.

Broadband -

The six essential things mentioned in regarding broadband connection are:

1. Speed isn't everything

2. Beware of unlimited downloads

3. Contract lengths

4. Free equipments

5. Wireless

6. Email Addresses

Ofcom accredited and are useful sites for consumers to compare deals.

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