Sustainability in Urban planning.

By: Pritesh Bagwe | Posted: 19th July 2010

By Anirban Banerjee

Urban planning decisions are policy issues and therefore political
issues. Rising energy consumption from transport and buildings can be
avoided in new cities. In many existing cities, new infrastructure
investments can lead to lower per capita energy use. For
infrastructure investments to occur, recognition of the benefits of
dense living by city inhabitants, leaders, and planners is needed.

Contrary to the traditional belief, dense living is increasingly
turning out to be comfortable, affordable, and healthy. City design
determines in large part the per capita energy use and associated
emissions of its inhabitants. Dense design is attractive to developers
as a business model. More units can be sold (and developed) per lot,
and in the case of urban infill, requirements for additional
supporting infrastructure that can slow down construction projects,
e.g. extensions of sewage lines and electricity cables in the case of
rural development, are avoided. Policy initiatives to support dense
living can spur innovation in key product markets that support
comfortable dense urban habitation, including sound solutions (sound
proofing), security, and safety. These new markets represent an area
of economic growth attached to sustainable urban planning.

Anirban Banerjee of iDream opines that "Urban planning is infact
crucial to managing energy consumption for the world's largest and
fastest-growing cities" that account for a significant portion of
global emissions of CO2e.

iDream Advisory Services Pvt Ltd is an architectural and interior
designing firm with a strong commitment to building sustainable built
environments. The firm has delivered world class solutions across all
corners of India.

About iDream:
iDream is a International Class Architectural & Interior Design Firm offering its services in India and across the Asia Pacific region through an alliance. Set up in the year 2003, iDream brings together a resource pool of senior industry professionals with over two decades of experience in handling major projects in formats like ‘Design Consultancy', ‘Project Management Consultancy' and ‘Design & Build', across the globe. Positioned on international standards, the firm's service deliverables are designed to suit international client requirements and at the same time, aligned to meet their expectations. With an enviable track record of successful projects, iDream today has some of the leading multinationals as its esteemed clients. One of the fastest growing and sharpest architectural firms in this part of the globe, iDream has in a short span of time, since inception, secured more than 100 projects, expanded operations across 4 cities and executed projects in most major cities in India.

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