What is the Right Question to Ask

By: LeAnna | Posted: 19th July 2010

Accidental Intentional Parenting

Those sudden moments of learning are one of the nicest approaches on parenting.

When my grandson arrived from school, he was already anticipating what will be my greeting question, "What three good things happened to you today?"

He said that he was studying about the Hubble Shuttle. He was pretty amazed about it but why did he have to study Astrology. Then he said, "Isn't that evil? You know like from the Bible right? We aren't supposed to use fortune tellers, right?"

As I wonder, I asked, "Are you studying star pictures from the Hubble; so are you studying Astrology or Astronomy?"

• Astrology - the divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets of human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects.
• Astronomy - the study of objects and matter outside earth's atmosphere and of their physical and chemical properties.

This is a sudden but a right way of a new learning process for me to act into.

By asking questions, I was able to change his misinformed thoughts and ideas and at the same time motivate him in life. Trough communication, character and behavior are disseminated and those bad influences are filtered. He was now able to cooperate with his teacher and at the same time apply the family values regarding fortune telling. Now, he can learn new things by the Hubble space project, and so did I.

Leave a Legacy (Action Steps)

1. Ask the question, "What three good things happened to you today?"
2. Listen and remember what the teen says.
3. Upon conversation, correct all misinformation, explain and encourage your teen.

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