Text Savvy India Resorts To Bulk SMS

By: Srinivas Sakhare | Posted: 13th July 2010

Post liberalization period has been mighty favorable for the Indian mobile industry. Since then, India has been witnessing a huge momentum on the front of network providers. Last decade saw a great surge in the mobile users. Where the calls have increased due to fall in the calling rates, SMS medium has also emerged as one of the widely used mediums for interacting among folks. So much so, text lovers have even resorted to bulk text messaging. The service allows the mobile users to send a single text message to multiple receivers at once.
Bulk text messaging is relatively quite economical and has proved to be a viable option. It is not only used by individuals who wish to bond through text messages, bulk text messaging is also widely used by companies that use the service to inform their employees about some planned meeting or seminar. Likewise, bulk text messaging service is also used by educational institutes to inform the students about events and happening in the school or college.
However, bulk text messaging has brought a revolution in the mobile advertising industry which recognized the potential of this service in time and thus has been using it to roll SMS campaigns. There are several reasons which can be attributed for the success of mobile advertising.
• For one, mobile advertising is economical.
• It is a quick way to reach out to a million prospective customers.
• Unlike other mediums of advertising which are easy to be overlooked and forgotten, a mobile advertising campaign is read by the audience at least once and stays in the inbox till the time the person does not delete it.
The idea of Bulk SMS in India has been received by much adulation. The figures of recently conducted survey show that an average Indian sends at least 29 SMS each month. People use SMS service not only to bond with friends and family, but also to pay bills, to check the status of flights and trains as also to know the bank account's balance. However, this is just the status from individual level. There are several companies who see SMS service as a great tool to keep in touch with their customers and maintain their presence in the market. Companies also inform the customers about the planned promotions and launches through bulk SMS.
The usage of SMS continues to grow with the growing innovative SMS services and forms. Bulk SMS in India, which is yet another extension of that humble text SMS is one of them. Several companies even engage in SMS contests which can be considered as one of the potent ways to attract the audience. It has also been noticed that more than 85 percent of SMS contests start from television which is thereafter followed by Internet and Newspapers. This interconnectivity of various media which proves to a boon from advertising and marketing perspective as also for the companies is yet another benefit reaped from Bulk SMS in India.
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