NDA is working for rich people while the UPA is concerned about poor people, this is the difference

By: pressbrief | Posted: 12th July 2010

28 April 2009
Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing his second rally in Gujarat at Limdi (Dahod) criticized the BJP government in the state and said that it had failed to protect the interests of poor people. He said, "We have sent crores of rupees to the state but the state government has ensured that the money did not reach the people." He accused BJP for neglecting poor people. He said, "NDA is working for rich people while the UPA is concerned about poor people and this is the fundamental difference between the NDA & UPA."
Enumerating work done by the UPA, Congress General Secretary said, "Our government launched the largest ever Employment Guarantee Scheme for poor people and made sure that every needy person gets at least hundred days employment in one year." Talking about the loan waiver programme for farmers he said, "UPA government waived farm loans worth 70,000 crore rupees because our farmers work hard in the fields and in turn feed the entire country." He said that the Mid Day Meal Scheme was another big achievement for the UPA government.
Rahul Gandhi accused the NDA of neglecting farmers. He said that during last Lok Sabha elections the NDA had coined a slogan saying that India was shining. "This slogan was in English and majority of people could not even understand what it meant. India was shining for a few people in the cities, but not for poor people. That's why people showed them the door," he said.
Congress General Secretary took on the BJP on the issue of terrorism and said that the opposition had forgotten what had happened during their rule. "During NDA regime, terrorists attacked out Parliament and killed people. A plane was hijacked to Kandhar and the NDA government released terrorists and escorted them to Kandahar. But now they say that our PM is weak," he quipped.
Rahul Gandhi concluded by telling people that he sought their support on the basis of work done by the UPA government in the past five years.
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