Nexian Cellular Phone - Asian Phenomenon Brand in Year 2011th

By: Angle Riu | Posted: 12th July 2010

Nowadays,nexian cellular phone become more expansive in distribution and branding. Towards to the free global trading issues, these Chinese based cellular phone shown a significant growth in sales. Handphone nexian,with their cheap and full package applications product give a statisfaction to their end user. Entering a low segmentation market,nexian will become a leader in asia.

These phenomenon in cellphone industry actually is a normal condition,where even a new brand can make some marketing's blow up strategic,and make the world class brand must be aware and make some maneuver strategic to incounter the marketing force to steal their low end potencial market.

We cannot denied, that the low end market even less in price and margin but high in amount. This is a big potencial market. When a technology are indefinitely,the low class become more familiar to the newest technology. The low end market become more smart and expert in choosing the best cellular phone application,specification,modeling,accessibility,internet connection,but with a more cheap in price.

This new brand,with their consistence at low end market, become more easy to explore their product with the earlier technology but still with the lower price. In the other place, the world class brand, although stand on with their standard product's quality,cannot playing the lower price product to keep their quality and branding position in the safe place.

About Nexian :

This cellphone is a cellular hand set brand from Chinese. In almost last 2 years, their brand forces succed shown from the amount of their product sales in asia.

Cellular Phone Segmentation :

This cellphone focusing in low end market. It is shown on their standard product pricing. The business effect are, every their new realease handphone always sell well at the first time launched.

Advantage products or product's value :

* Cheap
* Products are easy to find
* Full application
* Big amount of memory
* Internet connection support for facebook or twitter
* Easy to use
* Some type included Live TV watch application
* Sparepart and services are easy to access
* Updated model
* etc

Even there are many vaule add in this product,there are some weakness,for example their product and spareparts quality,wearability,batteries,but over all,for the low end market,the world class brand for celluler phone producent should be aware.

If the athmosphere of world handphone industry do not make a significant changes to the next few years later, nexian will become a low end cellphone phenomenon brand in year 2011th. Right now, asia, are one of the largest potencial market for cellular phone industry. And it is not possible for nexian to getting of best of the low end celluler phone market in asia and become one of global cellular phone producent.

World communication and technology become more higher day by day, we should attempt to update the information to find a great quality products and also it will be a great to compare the same category product to find the best buy one. In every decision, make sure that the quality still number one to consider.

Nexian is a low end cellular phone company and have a great market penetration in asia. Find out more detailed information about Handphone nexian and, or sample of type at nexian G.
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