How Is Fine Art Reproduction Useful

By: brainwlm | Posted: 29th June 2010

Ever wondered how your neighbor next door would put a masterpiece painting on his wall, or the painting in the museum which you always dreamt off owning be on your wall.

The one painting that you always wanted on your wall, but then the question arises whether you can afford it or not as it would definitely cost you a handsome amount or even more than you can imagine, but there is a way out to this problem of yours and that is through fine art reproduction. Even if you are not able to get the real painting you can at least get a copy of the painting.

There are artists who specialize in copying such paintings and try to bring out the minutest detail trying to make it as real as possible or rather make it identical. Though it would not definitely be the real picture it would definitely be an oil painting. It is done on canvas using oil paints, and it would definitely be better than a poster on paper. But on the other hand such a painting would definitely take more time to be made, and the charm of an original might even be lost.

In order to overcome these shortcomings, fine art has been reproduced through a number of methods such as Offset Litho and Giclee.

To say in a few words, Offset Lithography is a mechanical process where four different colors in tiny dots are printed. The sole purpose of it is to create a picture using colors. Scanning of the original picture is done through a drum scanner and negatives and plates are made.

The other process of Giclee printing is done to make large size pictures and is a more advanced process. It uses different types of scanners and also can be done on different mediums of printing.

Therefore whatever be the method Fine Art Reproduction helps in the conservation as well as it helps in possessing a costly work of art at an affordable price.

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