What You Have To Recognize About The Center For Creative Photography

By: lisa lucero | Posted: 25th June 2010

The Center for Creative Photography is in the prestigious University of Arizona Libraries in the United States of America. Although some art historians would argue that a museum devoted to creative photography should really be in Europe, where photography originated, the University of Arizona beat them to it. However, the Center for Creative Photography is devoted to works of twentieth century North American photographers. So, that should keep the Europeans happy.

Where Exactly is it?

Although listed as being at the University of Arizona Libraries, the Center for Creative Photography is not exactly open to the public like other art libraries. There isn't any money or manpower to keep a proper museum up and running in a way that the images inside deserve. But to lock the photographs inside of a bank vault away from those who love photography would be cruel. So, the Center for Creative Photography came up with a compromise.

You have to make an appointment in order to see the collection. If you are alone or in a group, you definitely need to make an appointment and expect to be chaperoned throughout. You will be escorted to see some of the 80,000 pieces of artwork and can make requests to focus on particular North American photographers such as Ansel Adams, Josef Breitenbach, Aaron Siskind, William Mortensen, Frederick Sommer and W. Eugene Smith.

For Researchers

If you are a researcher, then you need to make special plans with the Center of Creative Photography in order to be able to access its vast archives instead of just looking at the more famous photography images that most casual visitors want to see. You also can have access to the written works from and about the photographers as well as negatives. You still need to make an appointment. Please don't just show up unannounced. They hate that.

The Center for Creative Photography is open weekdays from 10am to 4pm. It is not open on weekends ever. If you go to the Center for Creative Photography's website, you can view a comprehensive index of all of the materials in their incredibly vast archives. Depending on what your research subject is, you might be eligible to apply for a research grant, funded by Polaroid. Again, you need to see the website for details.

The Center for Creative Photography is the largest collection of its kind in the world and they keep as close an eye on it as possible, because they know their duty for posterity.

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