Urns for Ashes - A necessity sometimes

By: Sunil Punjabi | Posted: 11th June 2010

When a loved one dies, there are many things to deal with. Losing someone special causes feelings of sorrow, grief, loss, depression and, unavoidably, finances. Finances are generally the last thing on a grieving individual's mind, but are unfortunately a very pressing matter in the event of death. A funeral can be very costly these days and burying a loved one in a conventional casket in a traditional plot amounts to thousands of dollars. A Cremation and placing the cremated remains of a loved one in Urns for Ashes is a solution.

Burial has been a long-held tradition of Christians and Islamists for centuries, and cremations were typically used only when there were a lot of people dying due to wars, famines, or plagues so as to stop the spread of disease and to effectively and quickly dispose of the bodies. The Greeks, however, have been cremating for centuries and used earthen pots as Urns for Ashes to hold the remains of their loved ones. Today, Christians have the choice to cremate or bury their dead though Islamists still choose to bury.

Because of cost, the long-established custom of burying the dead has started to change and people are looking more and more towards cremation as a more affordable alternative. This fact has made the Urns for Ashes a very high-demand commodity. Cremation has always been an option as a method of committal in the past, but was not as popular as burial. Urns have been made for centuries to hold loved ones ashes, but with time, have become more and more elaborate and intricately designed.

When choosing to cremate a loved one, the question arises of what kind of urn to buy to hold the precious contents. There are thousands of Urns for Ashes and an array of urns for every kind of buyer. There are urns not only for human remains, but also for a beloved family pet. The selection of Urns is endless and one can find beautiful unique designs as well as urns created for the simpler tastes. There is an Urn for ashes for every budget and for every style. While generally ashes are spread to the wind, a small portion of the ashes are kept in the urn and put on display within the home. Finding the right design to complement a certain d├ęcor can be important and so selection is imperative.

From the exceptionally intricate to the modern, Urns for Ashes can be stylized, engraved, be in the shape of animals, hold picture frames, be free-standing, or made for the mantel. They can also be made for the garden, or for a special place in the yard. An Urn is special because it holds a dearly loved person or pet within. It has become increasingly common for people to buy an Urn that reflects the style and personality of the loved one of which the urn is holding.

While burying a loved one is still common and important, cremating a loved one and having their remains placed in Urns can be comforting to the grieving family. Instead of having to leave their home to visit a gravesite to feel close to the deceased, they can simply look towards the mantel, or to wherever the Urn for ashes may be situated to feel comfort and to feel close to their loved one.

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