Sabbath Rest - Here Is A Vital Secret For Family Prosperity

By: Michael Ecuyer | Posted: 07th June 2010

The Sabbath rest contains some high-powered keys to climb above the difficulties of life. Experience again its vital place in watching your family arrive at its full destiny. Make excellent use of the following 6 Sabbath guidelines.

1) It Was Applicable Then and It's Applicable Today

Let's see - we'll just entirely belittle the 4th Commandment and yet still presume to see the fullness of God' blessings released out upon us. And please don't get caught in the trap of believing that the Old Testament has no worth to Christians now because God's law is cancelled under the New Covenant. While this is SOME truth to this idea, it doesn't mean, for example, that its now okay to commit adultery or steal and still walk in God's best for your household.

2) T-Minus Ten Seconds?

Permit this next statement sink into your heart, and provide for you an impression of its condition. Your relationship to the Lord is precisely how you long for it to be. Ouch!
Keeping the Sabbath is a rocket flight to intimacy with your Savior. If your family's relationship with your Heavenly Father is getting by on just fumes, try really observing the Sabbath. That means R-E-S-T from YOUR toil.

3) He Is True To His Promises

You will find loads of promises available to you in The Bible. One incredible promise draws an obvious connection between the Sabbath rest and being brought up to new places of grace and victory RIGHT NOW. Yes, right here, right now.. Take a good look at Isaiah 58: 13-14.

4) Don't Fall For Second Best

We all have an agenda, a goal to achieve. It may be selfish or it may even be ministering to other people. We all require a weekly rest from our endeavors and bring ourselves to the feet of Christ. This is what Martha's sister, Mary, did. It is vital that we set aside this time for our families to bless the Lord. Through honoring Him this way, we position ourselves to receive the Lord's abundant grace and blessing.

5) The Sabbath Rest Highlight

Do you observe the Sabbath in a exceptional way? Is this day just a chance to put a dent in your mountain of laundry or get to some waiting yard work? Or is this a time when your family celebrates God's presence in your lives? You can insure that this time brings glory to God by calling it a "delight". Make it the HIGHPOINT of your week.

6) Position Your Family For His Abundant Grace

The Sabbath was created for humanity as a loving gift from our Father in heaven. When we recognize Him by resting from our labor, we are acknowledging God as our true source. When your family does this, get ready for 'exceedingly abundantly above" things to happen. Stop running in the rat race our society has created for you to stick to. The Sabbath isn't just some out-of-date ritual.

It's time to take your journey to God's awesome Sabbath blessings.
Giving the Sabbath rest an important place in your family once again honors God. Scripture promises that honor will directed back to you. It has been an exciting adventure for our family learning about God's calendar. You can get some FREE details here about how to celebrate all the Biblical feasts. See you there.

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