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By: Ryan Reclaim | Posted: 02nd June 2010

ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY - April 14, 2010 JASBR, LLC. In a path to build on vision of the company, JASBR, LLC, announces the launch of to coincide with Earth Day. The website features energy saving products coupled with information about the environment. The dedicated storefront promotes products that help consumers save money on their energy bills, while reducing energy consumption and landfill waste. The products include smart power strips, solar powered lighting and chargers and other eco-green alternative products. "JASBR is dedicated to providing green solutions to online shoppers" said Scott Dantis, CEO of JASBR, LLC.

The site also educates consumers about the negative impact of Vampire Standby power, which simply put, is the power that devices consume when continually plugged in, even when they are not on. Laptop computers, cell phones, monitors and cordless tools and appliances are just a few of these items. understands the importance of reducing our carbon footprint. In addition to offering simple power saving devices, we are also pleased to have developed the R3, Reuse, Reclaim, Recycle Program in time for Earth Day 2010. The R3 Recycling Program allows visitors to responsibly dispose of unwanted cell phones and other electronics. Many other like programs only accept cell phones for recycling. "We are taking the recycling industry to another level". Says Scott Dantis, "We aren't limiting our efforts to just cell phones, we know there is a demand for the recycling of other hand held electronics and we want to lead the way to this initiative."

About was created with a vision to create an educational web site that focuses on power saver technology that is easily affordable and can be used in everyday households. By providing products and services, while educating the consumer on the effects of phantom or vampire power, it allows consumers to play a part in reducing our carbon footprint, as well as save money on their electric bills. Greenpowersaverstore founding partners developed this business with a vision to reduce vampire standby power and provide low cost power saving solutions for every household. For more information please log onto or email .


Jasbr LLC is an up and coming electronics product development and launch company comprised of experienced industry executives that are dedicated to providing marketing solutions that will enhance consumer's lifestyle, generate revenue and protect the environment. To find out more about JASBR's R3 Reuse, Reclaim, Recycle Program, please log onto, email ( ) or call 1-866-318-1358, ext 101.
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