Tips for home photography

By: arvind | Posted: 23rd May 2010

Exterior and interior home photography can be difficult at times. But if you follow certain techniques and methods, then the result would certainly come as an outstanding.

There are many techniques and many ways to click interior and exterior home photography. So let us see few basic tips which would help us to improve and enhance home photography.

The time of a day and the direction of the house that it is facing would be the important factor to get the best light. So just be sure that whether you pick a night or day that has to be clear. The dark clouds would add the elements of darkness to the house except you got the proficiency to cut or to remove the sky afterwards in Photoshop. If you find the great sky in a first time than you would not need to worry much about the simulated looking Photoshop edits. Trees could also cause a major trouble while removing the sky.

Polarizing filter
You would require a good quality polarizing filter just to make sure that the sky would look blue and nice and thus the clouds would be well defined. The polarizer make easier to spread harsh light, it helps to cut down on contrast and reflections and would make your colors extra saturated, which is actually good for your photographs.

As we know that the sun sets in the west and the sun rises in the east, so think in what direction the house is facing while preparing the time for shoot. For example for the daylight images, you would want the sun to be behind you. So, midday would not be a good option. Mid day is quite better for the interior photos, though the light would not be coming straight into the windows. But it is much better.

Maintain your aperture small so that you can have the deep depth of the field therefore the complete shot would be remained focus. Frankly, the auto setting would be combined with the polarizer would work well during the day if sun is at the back of you.

A pleasant evening photo can give the home a real feel of class. All just you need to change the tiresome house to the glowing palace and 500 watt light. If you are using a SLR camera, so you have to wait for the best time. The perfect time to click the photos in the evening is when the sky is completely black.

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