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By: johnmac | Posted: 20th May 2010

E books are quickly becoming the most popular way to get literature and information instantly and economically. E books are convenient, inexpensive, easy to find, and can be printed or stored on a hard drive or electronic media.
E books are typically published in pdf format, so they can be read on every computer no matter what operating system is being used. Most computers come with Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free pdf reader. However, a quick search will provide a download link for this "must have", lightweight software.
With the addition of compact e book readers, such as Kindle and IPad, getting books delivered electronically is growing in popularity. As such, the e book industry itself is blossoming and becoming more of a norm, rather than a novelty. Today, almost all books are published in written and electronic format. Older books are regularly being converted to electronic format by such noble organizations as the Guttenberg Project and many main stream publishing companies and book retailers.
The selection of e books has gotten so great, that often it is beneficial to use an e book review site to get information on the quality of a book you are considering. Review sites are great for finding out what an e book is about and how others who have read the book feel about it. This makes it easier to decide among the many choices, which is best for your needs or reading pleasure.
The variety and choices of e books that are available is nearly as plentiful as the stars. Some books are only available in electronic format, while others are available in print and electronic format. The topics can be anything from building solar panel electric systems to Harry Potter. Sometimes the publisher uses the electronic format of e books for economy; print material is expensive, sometimes the goal is to be environmentally friendly; no paper necessary, sometimes the topic is something wild and experimental and may not be suitable for print, but most often, the electronic format of e books is chosen because of its incredible convenience, portability, ease of access, and instant availability.
If you haven't tried reading an e book yet, you should. It is easy to customize the view for people who have poor vision, and can even be read aloud with most computers. There are also a variety of e book readers available now that can be used to purchase, download, store, and read e books. In the very near future, paper print books will become a rarity. Even though paper print books are wonderful and nostalgic, e books are clearly the winning format for getting information and will continue to grow in popularity.
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