Availability of Unlocked Cheap Hiphone with TV”

By: Rajiv Kumar | Posted: 04th May 2010

In existence we are in landscape of a substitute mobile in endorse. The mobile is not celebrity however now it becomes the soul point for all of us, so for this foundation the mobile clench is increasing up. To a glorious amount required for the people in current day. Inaccessible to tell at an iciness with the sympathy of only one of the electronic company (Chinabuye) has defined the latest mobile which is known as "TV Hiphone Quad Band Dual Sim Unlocked Cheap Hiphone".

This mobile is just about everyone latest; all the assortment of category amplification is available in this mobile. It is so confound that we can't even reliability it also. The weight of this mobile is just 0.5100 KG. The SKU no is 25485. The manufactured goods growth is also opening speed for this electronic instrument as their many functions in the mobile. Quad band means to the four bands are available in the different ways.

Product explanation of "TV Hiphone Quad Band Dual Sim Unlocked Mobile Phone". Buy from China the model no of this device is TV Hiphone; it is network to the GSM 850/900/1800/1900. The permutation of tongue is also available English, Italian, German, Bahasa Indonesia, Russian; the color of this mobile is "White". It appearance is bar. The LCD display is 2.8 inch touch Screen, 260k QVGA; PX: 240*320. It is touch panel. The camera is with 1.3 MP high definition cameras.

It is obtainable with the Java & Bluetooth etc. The multimedia is like Music: play mp3 at background, equalizer, Bluetooth stereo Video: 3GP, MP4, support to play in full screen, speed/pause. The various other functions also exist like MP3, MP4, Calendar, To Do List, Alarm Clock, World Time, Stopwatch, E-book Reader, Currency Converter, Calculator, Video REC, Unit converter, Health. The talk time to this mobile is 100-120 min. The stand by time of this mobile is 120-160 hours. Even the other accessories are also include 2 x Batteries, 1 x Earphone, 1 x USB cable, 1 x Charger, 1 x Manual.

This mobile is available in approve with the name of "TV Hiphone Quad Band Dual Sim Unlocked Mobile Phone". Even you can amplify this mobile online also from the company site.

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