Visiting the Fertility Specialist

By: morpheus art | Posted: 20th April 2010

Infertility is considered a curse for women, especially in India where the female partner is blamed in almost all cases.

You and your spouse have a dream. You want to start your family. Yet as more time goes by without you becoming pregnant, worry starts to set in. Maybe you're only being impatient, you tell yourself. Not everybody gets pregnant right off the bat. Maybe you're just one of those couples that take a bit longer to conceive than others. As a year goes by without conception, you begin to look at each other and wonder, is it you? Is it him? The horror of that word ‘infertility' seems to loom larger with each passing period.

When is time to see a fertility specialist? Should you keep trying on your own or prepare yourself to face a barrage of tests and treatments that may not only stretch your finances but also put a strain on your relationship?

There are a number of factors to take into account when deciding when it's time to see a fertility specialist. The general belief is if after one year, conception has not occurred, then it may be time to get help. But that doesn't take into account your age, your partner's age, your health, your the method of birth control you've been using up until the point you decided to try and get pregnant, family medical history etc.

According to the American Society For Reproductive Medicine, a woman over thirty-five who has been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for more than 12 months should make an appointment to see a fertility specialist. This is because as a woman ages and reaches the end of her child bearing years it become understandably more difficult for her to conceive, thus shortening the window for when she could conceive on her own versus when should seek help from a specialist.

But that doesn't necessarily mean everyone should wait that long before seeing a specialist.

You must See a Fertility Specialist if.....

A woman under 35 has been unable to get pregnant after one year of regular, unprotected intercourse.

A woman has had a history of three or more miscarriages.

A man's semen analysis shown a low sperm count.

In India, it is estimated that approximately between 15-20% of all couples of fertile age suffer from infertility. This figure is on the increase because of increased urbanization and pollution, stress, a competitive work environment and a hectic and fast paced lifestyle.

Younger women and those with with less problems have a higher chance getting pregnant than older women and those with problems. Fertility decreases as you get older, specifically if you get over 35.

If you or your spouse already have a pre-existing condition that may hamper conception, chances are it's best not to wait and see a fertility specialist at infertility clinic.

If you are still having problems in deciding When should you see an infertility specialist or visit infertility clinic?
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