History of Alaska

By: Tauqeer Ul Hassan | Posted: 16th April 2010

Alaska is the 49th state having a rich history. Its natural beauty and its rich resources have been the nuisance and benefit for its natives. The British, Americans, Spanish and Russians had exploited Alaska's land for their oil and otter for their fur.

Asiatic descent was the original inhabitants of Alaska. By that time, Alaskan natives already had an organized society which had three classes of people. The Honorables consisted of respected elders and whalers, the Commoners and the Slaves. Their society practiced mummification just like the ancient Egyptians. They also practiced human sacrifice and a slave was occasionally killed in honor of their dead.

Alaska was discovered in 1741 by a seafarer aboard a Russian ship. It was due to the hunting of animals which amazed the people because of their quality furs. Alaska became a favorite hunting and trading post.

When Alaska became a part of Russia, King Charles of Spain sent Spanish expeditions to the area to claim a part of Alaska for the glory of Spain. His every effort was repulsed by the Russian armies. Eventually, King Charles abandoned his attempts and decided that both the Russians and Natives were very frightening for the Spanish.

During the same time, British also tried to claim a piece of Alaska. The sea otters were the main attraction for profit. British sent expeditions to Alaska and as a result, the town of Wrangell fell to British rule.

The US purchased Alaska from Russians at a cost of $ 7.2 million on 9 April 1867. It became the 49th state of the US on 7 July 1958 when President Eisenhower signed the Alaska Statehood Act.

Alaska served primarily as a rich source of gold throughout the period when it was part of America. Many explorers, opportunists, and miners migrated to Alaska because of its gold and made the wintery land their home.

History is always interesting. You might want to learn in details the history of Alaska and also who invented the American flag.
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