How to Find the Best Acne Cream

By: Felix Owns | Posted: 15th April 2010

Finding the best acne cream is a little like solving world peace. Everybody claims to be in support of it, but very rarely do the parts live up to the agreement. The same is true with acne creams, they promise the world to people who are desperate to find a solution and hopeful that they may have just done so. Unfortunately, very few acne treatments deliver near what their manufacturers promise and consumers are left more frustrated than they were before. It is a viscous cycle of promise, hope, defeat and it takes its toll not only on our skin, but also on our emotions. All of this could be solved if we were just finally able to crack the Davinci code and find the best acne cream. The author examines this growing issue in the acne industry and offers tips for both the physical healing, but also the emotional one as well.

The first and most important step to take is to realize that you are in a vulnerable state. Being vulnerable is ok, but when it exposes you to advertising and marketing ploys that cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars, it needs to be examined. Because we all want to heal our acne so desperately, we are often willing to believe things and purchase things that deep down we know is not going to work. It is a fact that many acne cream companies are aware of and they prey on you because of it. They have zero concern with your skin, and are focused on the separation of you and your money.

One example of this is a very well known company that will remain nameless as it is unnecessary for purposes of our conversation here. This company targets the emotionally vulnerable with TV ads and promises of miracle treatments. They wave celebrities in front of you, as though their opinions on skin care are either valid or accurate. Their products are neither formulated to heal acne long term, nor are they even healthy for long term use. They even have to give a "healing lotion" as a free gift. This is a classic example of harmful products preying on hopeful consumers. Wasting money and long term dry skin issues are almost guaranteed, unless you refuse to fall victim.

Look you know these people don't know jack about acne treatments, and you can read how harmful Benzoyl Peroxide is so why do we continue to fall for these marketing ploys. The reality is that the best acne creams are not supported by celebrities they are supported by the brightest minds in the industry. For example Oxford University is widely known as one of the world's most prestigious universities, and some of the greatest minds ever known have studied or worked there. Oxford University released a study saying that the use of Resveratrol is more effective than any other ingredient for the treatment of acne. It reduces both the acne causing bacteria as well as the redness and inflammation associated with breakouts. This document is easily found online and can be read by anyone, yet consumers still fall for the nonsense.

If you have been searching for the best acne cream, it is time to start making some changes in the way that you do so. Look for an acne cream that uses the active ingredient Resveratrol and watch your acne fade before your own eyes. I am not saying that Jessica Simpson isn't smart, but my money is on the scientists at Oxford, how about you?

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