Video Calling on the iPhone 4G

By: RobertMelkk | Posted: 12th April 2010

Apple has always been very strict and keeps quiet about their products until they are ready to release the details or device to the public. They are quite fond of allowing speculation to run wild to what they have up their sleeves next. The 4G is no exception to this and one of the most wanted features on the iPhone has been video calling. People want the camera to be on front so that video conferencing is possible but there have been some questions raised about how it will work and the traffic load that will be on the network as a result.

The video calling feature isn't a new speculation. People discussed this before the iPhone 3GS was even released in hopes that it would be included on that but disappointments were seen as Apple revealed the product which did not have this highly demanded feature. Speculations have occurred in UK actually with the O2 wireless carrier.

They are raising many red flags for speculation because they have changed the plans to support video calls. This has made many people wonder why they would add such a feature to the plans if it was not going to be introduced when the new phone gets released to the market. This can be supported even more by the fact that the files in SDK have been updated and show that video calling is definitely an ability.

Now that it has been established that video calls are a possibility with the iPhone many wonder that if the iPhone 4G really does have the video calling ability, if the cell phone network towers are going to be able to handle all the traffic that would potentially be created as a result of allowing video calling.

The larger question at hand is if AT&T is going to want to offer the data over the network like in the UK with the carrier O2. Video calling is a huge drain on the data that wireless phone carriers offer. They make large amounts of money by requiring data packages that can be quite costly but don't cost them nearly the same amount of money to implement and provide to the customers.

AT&T has also stated they're not going to have problems with traffic from the iPad because most individuals will use wi-fi instead of their networks. The same concerns that were raised about this are going to be resurfaced if and when video calling is introduced to the iPhone's network of AT&T. If Apple ends up providing service with the iPhone to other networks they may also face the same issues that AT&T is going to be facing once the 4G is released.

Individuals who currently have iPhones may be torn on this because it is possible that if video calling is a feature introduced that their current quality of service will somehow be impacted in a negative way. No one wants this to occur but all that can be done is to continue speculating until Apple makes an official announcement.

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