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By: Sam Curtis | Posted: 08th April 2010

It was the end of the school year in Japan and flowers are seen blooming in the park. A girl sat in the bench watching the beautiful flowers as they float in the air and smell the aroma of the summer breeze. The girl was Kimberly, daughter of an American father and Japanese mother. Her family lived in Japan as his parents' was assigned to work there. She grew up as an environmentalist. One of the reasons is that cleanliness is practiced in their place. They were very strict when it comes to their environment. After how many years, her family decided to go to America for the funeral of her grandfather. By then her father explained to her slowly that they have to stay in America to manage the business of his grandparents. Kimberly suddenly lowered her head and shocked to hear it. She really loves Japan. But because of the situation she had finally accepted the decision of the family but promised to be an environmentalist no matter where she is. She was very curious on what his grandparents' place looks like. She wishes she could stay on a house full of flowers, smelling the fresh air and seeing the blue water. She wanted to be an environmentalist providing environmental services to the mother Earth. She participates in environmental organizations and joins activities such as tree planting and cleaning the sea sides. She has her friends with her that joins in the organizations too. One time, they visited the Philippines with their agenda to fight air pollution and flooding. They stayed for about one month helping the Filipino organizations to protect Earth. They planted trees in the provinces and pick up the garbage in the sea. Kimberly and her friends had joined the campaign against dynamite which was used by the fishermen to yield more fishes. Sad to know that dynamite destroys the coral reefs where fishes live. They have also helped the oil spill affected areas in the Philippines. Because of the lack of more funds they have seen the slow process of solving the oil spills and that made her think of why don't she study geology to be more knowledgeable and help the mother Earth in the harder problems it encounters? It was the time for them to fly to America and Kimberly told her friends, "don't worry, even if I am away I can assure you we have the same path in life to take and that is to save our mother Earth. Someday we'll meet again and in that time I am a professional in geology who will provide environmental remediation." About the Author
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