Taking Care of the Air Up There

By: environmentobserver | Posted: 30th March 2010

Air is one of the world's most vital renewable resources. It is also one of the "commons", which makes its protection difficult. Its pollution could become the source of major global political conflicts, even of a shift in the world power structure. Damage to the ozone layer and the build-up of greenhouse gases are contributing to a global warming which could drown coastal cities and radically change the geographical spread of agriculture. Ultimately, human life on the planet could be threatened.

Pollution of air, water and land is emerging as the most challenging problem facing the world at this juncture. The growing scale of industrialization and urbanization are investing the relationship between man and nature with increasing complexity. The food chain and the nature's cycles of water, energy, carbon, nitrogen and minerals are being interfered with. Life support systems in-built in nature are being strained. Depletion of ozone layer is leading to gradual warming up of the environment due to buildup of carbon dioxide and other green house gases. Ecology is the loser in the made race of achieving short term gains ruthless exploitation of the available resources.

Curbing pollution and emission is as much as desired outcome of operations as it is a requirement for better air management and control. There is a chain of processes that ultimately control and influence emissions, and what measures industries instill ultimately have an impact on all of us. Thermax is proving to be a leader in setting examples of what are the right practices to be followed to maintain ecological balance and equity.

Thermax, which has grown from a small boiler company to a large, multi-divisional energy and environment solutions provider, has more than 25 years' experience of providing sustainable environmental solutions to the industry - solutions that cover the complete spectrum of flange-to-flange products and customized systems for Air Pollution Control & Air Purification.

Thermax Ltd has announced a strategic joint venture with Babcock & Wilcox (B&W), a global leader in power generation industry to manufacture supercritical boilers for the Indian power sector. The joint venture will also manufacture sub-critical boilers over 300 Mw in size. Thermax will hold 51 per cent in the joint venture while US based B&W will hold 49 per cent.

The joint venture aims to bring Thermax' expertise of integrating energy and environmental solutions and B&W's laong history of providing proven, state of at the art power generation technology and world class project management capabilities. This is good news for all of us.
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