2 Economical Homemade Wind Turbine Choices

By: steven55 | Posted: 24th March 2010

When many people are looking to save cash with an alternative power system, the first thing to pop into their head is solar power, but recently, wind energy systems are gaining quite a bit of momentum. Here’s the best part for homeowners: homemade wind turbines are best for homeowners who want to save energy and cut down on their electricity bill.You can find several ways to build a homemade wind turbine and these options vary in that you can select what’s best for you depending on your energy consumption.

Putting together a homemade wind turbine can actually become a fun and enjoyable activity for you and your whole family no matter which option you select.Option 1 – More Pricey KitsIf you are searching for a means to save time and don’t mind paying more for the project, then you can choose to put together a complete kit. All of the pieces you need to assemble your wind turbine are already included and all you need to do is use the assembly directions.This is a great option when considering building a homemade wind turbine but you'll need to be ready to spend more money for this one.The extra price is from the middle man who buys all the components for the wind turbine for you and puts it all together in a kit.

To cut out the middle man, you just have to know where to get the very same parts yourself which brings us to option 2.Option 2 – Less Expensive GuidesIf you don’t mind reading a few pages and purchasing a few parts for your homemade wind turbine yourself, there are some great DIY Energy Guides that will tell you specifically what to order and where to order it from. You need to be patient when it comes to selecting this option but the great part is that you truly save more money.These guides point you through the overall process and even show you how to select the right matching pieces so your wind turbine performs at its best.

They help you save money by giving you a special list of dealers so that you can buy all your homemade wind turbine pieces at a discounted price.Another great thing is that these types of guides help you by explaining how to put together your own homemade wind turbine.They give step-by-step directions on how to optimally construct the blades out of low-cost materials including PVC while still meeting the strict tolerances required for balance and efficiency.But regardless of how you decide to build your homemade wind turbine, you’ll enjoy several years of free power that it will deliver with each passing breeze.

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