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By: Michelle Harbor | Posted: 23rd March 2010

Why I chose Dish Network over competitors

When my folks and I first made the choice to switch from cable over to satellite, we had no clue what company to go with. We had seen adverts for all the major satellite companies, and they typically just left us feeling pretty stumped as to what direction to go in. We were searching for a satellite company that offered a large choice of channels including HD channels, good prices on Pay Per View, lots of programming and of course a reasonable price for all those things. We took a close look at the finer points of each of the 2 major satellite firms : DirecTV and Dish Network. We finally chose Dish Network, and I know we made the correct choice.

If you simply skim the surface of what each company offers, there doesn't appear to be much difference. Both firms charge a similar price for Pay Per View, have a good channel lineup, and also offer a lot of commercial free music channels. when you take a better look you'll see that you're actually getting a superior deal with Dish Network. Most importantly, Dish Network is cheaper. You can get up to 350 channels with Dish Network for $74.99 a month. With DirecTV, you can get two hundred and fifty channels for $96.99 a month.

That was the biggest selling point for us. It's tough to beat more channels for less money. Dish Network also gives you a free DVR and a free HD receiver. DirecTV will give you those things, too, but only after a $99 mail-in refund. Dish Network also has a free eighteen month protection plan. DirecTV charges you $5.99 every month for their protection plan.

After looking everything over closely, I could see no reason to pick DirecTV over Dish Network. Dish Network had everything we were trying to find and at a better price, too. I was also awfully happy with the service. My installation was free, and they were here to put it in for us only a few short days after we called. Before they left, they showed us exactly how to operate our receiver and our remotes. They were respectful, beneficial and left us with a number to call if things were not working right. There wasn't any reason to call, naturally. Everything worked great, and we are still enjoying our Dish Network. The signal is also fantastic. We infrequently ever get any interference, even when there's a bad thunderstorm going on.

if you're making an attempt to make the decision whether to go with DirecTV or Dish Network, I am here to tell you that Dish Network offers more for less cash. We have had our service for 6 months now and have absolutely no complaints.

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