5 Fun Science Toys for Tots

By: Robert Bell | Posted: 22nd March 2010

It's amazing how from a very young age some children seem to have a natural interest in certain objects or subjects. Honing in on these interests is a great way, not only to connect with your kids, but also to help them learn. Play time is probably one of the most important ways in which young children learn valuable development skills. It is also where they can further develop any special interests that they might have. These interests could be in the fields of mechanics, biology, science or nature. There are some fantastic educational toys available for kids of all ages. Here's a list of five favorites and why they came out on top:

Little Labs Series by Thames - Kosmos

The Little Labs series comes in variety of different subjects. These include animals, navigation, boats, cranes, cars, weather and plants. Each Little Lab kit contains a full-color guide book and a series of 10 to 20 different experiments and activities for the kids to enjoy. When learning about animals, for example, the activities show how to identify the different animals by their markings, tracks, and where they can be found in nature. The examples include insects that can be found in your backyard as well as antelope and larger animals found in the wild. The Little Lab kit on boats teaches about buoyancy which is why some things float and others don't. It also teaches how sails and propellers work to make boats move through water. You can spend hours of fun with your young mariners working through the different activities and experiments. The activities are interactive and in the process, children can develop their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. With most of the kits, children will also be developing their math-logic and spatial orientation skills. With nature-oriented kits, they will be developing their knowledge and skills in relation to science and nature. Many of the kits have small parts so they are only suitable for kids ages five and older.

Giant Bubble Wand

This is a great toy that is fun for the whole family. Suitable for children ages three years and older, even teenagers and adults can have hours of outdoor fun with it. The kit contains a giant bubble wand, a bubble tray and bubble mix. Pour some of the mix into the tray and dip the wand into it. Then wave the wand around to create the biggest bubbles ever! This is a great vacation toy where kids can enjoy running around in the outdoors. It teaches kids to be creative and helps them to develop motor skills in a fun, playful environment.

Exploring Science Mag Lab by TEDCO

The Mag Lab set contains a small workbench and series of 12 different magnetic experiments. The kit provides hours of entertainment for kids six and older. Working through the experiments, children can learn intrapersonal skills where they begin to identify their own strengths and abilities. The practical way the experiments are designed also helps kids develop math, logical and spatial skills. Working through the experiments requires some dexterity so at the same time, kids develop their motor skills. The kit is compact and can be easily stored away. It was also be used for both indoor and outdoor play.

Giant Floor Puzzles by Melissa - Doug

These giant floor puzzles are 36 by 24 inches and made from a durable material. The chunky pieces are easy to assemble and create a wealth of activities that kids will enjoy. First, there is the fun of putting the puzzle together. Then once the picture is completed, there are a range of games and activities which provides a fun way of learning for kids. Solve the riddles and look for the pictures hidden within the puzzle. It's like having a puzzle within a puzzle. The themes vary from bugs and fish to butterflies and dinosaurs. The puzzles are suitable for kids aged three years and older.

Little Bug Locket

This locket is perfect for the kid who enjoys nature and loves to seek out insects and bugs. The durable round container is made from high-impact plastic which means that it will withstand being dropped. The drawstring allows kids to wear the locket around their neck. The bugs aren't included; you'll have to collect them yourself but the locket makes for a fun talking point. Having to collect items will encourage children to explore, and teach them about different habitats and different kinds of bugs. They can also observe the bugs in their locket as they carry it around with them.Excellent4kids.com has the very best child care equipment and supplies in the industry, at the very best value and with the very best intent for our children in mind. They don't just sell the products for your early childhood centers, they sell a commitment to customer satisfaction with each and every order. Visit online today.
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