How to Choose the Right Los Angeles Divorce Attorney

By: Erin Kirkland | Posted: 22nd March 2010

Even though a good lawyer can be expected to handle the technicalities of our proceedings, your assistance is imperative to make things easier on all parties involved. You and your case are unique, and your attorney is there to handle the legal and technical aspects of your divorce. Although your lawyer is well versed in divorce cases and has the degree, only you know what's on your mind. To be fully engaged in your divorce proceedings is extremely critical.

An Attorney Needs Your Full Disclosure of All Facts

It's commonly expected that you talk as honestly as possible with your attorney while your divorce is being processed. That is vital, even if you're embarrassed or the issue is very private. Before you discuss your case with your lawyer, list all applicable data. Once you talk about your situation, you may want to give your notes to the attorney, and use it as an outline for discussion.

It may be smart to have an organized file of marriage related information and monetary data ready for your lawyer. An organized compilation of monetary data, like bank accounts and savings or debts, along with property owned, can be a powerful tool to save your attorney time. If you want to help your attorney be least confused and most efficient, it's best not to give him or her an unorganized amount of documentation.

Avoid Being Melodramatic and Just Share Factual Information

Your spouse might attempt to get you upset and muddle things, so remember to be calm as a cucumber and stay on course throughout your divorce. Because time is money, yours in this case, remember that all your attorney needs are the vital details about your situation. Keep any scandalous hearsay about your spouse to yourself, as time is money, and your lawyer only has need of the actual facts of the case.

Anyone in your situation would benefit from a friendly ear and someone to talk to. But don't forget that your attorney is a professional hired for a specific function, not your confessor or therapist. A professional divorce counselor and a family support network are the better option this. Getting healthy, caring encouragement will enable you to keep your thoughts on your case, and communicate with your attorney more clearly.

Hear What Your Lawyer Has to Say

It's best to heed your lawyer's instructions, since he or she likely has lots more experience with court cases than you. Demand an explanation if you're uncertain of what the advice means. Never just ignore your attorney's guidance, or you might adversely affect the outcome of your court proceedings.About the Author
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