5 Things to know before going Business wireless VoIP phone

By: dgfdfdfd | Posted: 19th March 2010

Going wireless VoIP is a good decision but there are quite a few things you need to consider before implementing your decision. VoIP is the latest innovation in communication technology and it is certainly taking the world by storm. The plain truth is VoIP has made a definite impact on all individuals and business houses and VoIP is here to stay.

The pain of a new idea may be difficult for some people and they may feel ill-at-ease abandoning the telephone cords from their homes or workplaces that has been there for decades. But if people make a dispassionate study and weigh the pros and the cons, they will unfailingly choose to go wireless. Let us analyze the few important factors why switching over to wireless can be a sane decision:

1. The simple truth is wireless networks are fast and with VoIP, you can create a network that supports data, audio, video, and computer web features. It is lot more simple dealing with web based applications than hardware applications. Businesses can in turn provide more efficient customer service leading to increased sales and profitability.

2. Analysts report that VoIP is lot more inexpensive then the traditional PSTN. All you have to pay is for your Internet service and monthly subscription to the VoIP provider you choose. Please remember that for a one time monthly fee, you can make and receive unlimited local and long distance phone calls. Sometimes, your VoIP service provider will allow free calls within the zone to another computer.

3. Included in VoIP service plans are a host of standard features - such as Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Do Not Disturb etc. Your service provider will explain to you all the features applicable to your plan. The biggest benefit is the unlimited long distance calling. This has proven to be the number one reason why most businesses are switching to VoIP.

4. With VoIP, you can talk with two other persons without paying extra utilizing the 3-way calling feature. This is very important for businesses that have employees overseas. By using the video conferencing features, employers can increase their communication efficiency.

5. The big attraction is you can take your VoIP equipment with you while you travel. Your VoIP service provider will send you a converter that will allow you to use your converter with any standard telephone. All you will need is a high speed Internet connection and you can use your VoIP phone service.

For switching over to VoIP wireless, you will need to have an upgraded computer that is compatible with VoIP software. If your computer is obsolete, VoIP phone service may not be functional. Please remember High Speed Internet is a must for VoIP phone services to function.

There maybe a few companies that work with dial-up connection but the audio quality will be sub-standard. Compare the various VoIP Phone Service Providers to know the features each offers and the fees payable. After comparing VoIP phone services, select the VoIP service that best suits your needs.

Purchase an adapter for your VoIP Phone particularly if you want to go wireless. Most of the VoIP phone service providers provide you free adapter. If you don't receive a free adapter, then you can purchase one.

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