Lito Atienza - Saving Lives Through The Home Of The Angels

By: Joel Dumayog | Posted: 18th March 2010

Lito Atienza is currently a part of the list of prospects who will participate in the elections for Manila mayor. These Manila elections, yet once again, would be a proof of the aptitude of the discernment of the electorate to pick a candidate who is worthy of the demanding needs of the colorful city. In terms of qualifications, maybe there is no one else who conforms to the post more other than Lito Atienza. And among those who will vie for mayor in the Manila elections, no one probably has helped more.

In 1992, even as a Vice-Mayor, Lito Atienza founded with his wife Beng the "Home for the Angels," a child care center for deserted and abused infants. He produced this out of his downright belief that nobody should feel unwanted. He also acknowledges that some conditions might forcefully break up a parent from his child and this is why he created this shelter for them. The center furnishes sustenance and all the love which these children could ever need.

This center is the epitome of the good heart of Lito Atienza. This is what voters should be aware of during the Manila elections. To a certain sense, we are all kids of the city, calling for someone like Lito Atienza to guide us in a city in which himself saw burnt to ashes and which he wants to see rise again to elusive prominence. Such deeds should not be forgotten and should be at the centerpiece during the elections for Manila Mayor.

It would be morally upright if voters on the elections for Manila mayor would pick someone who was vocally versus abortion. The position of Lito Atienza as one of the beginners of Home for the Angels has consistently been that abortion is the ultimate child abuse and must be stopped at all costs. The Home of the Angels is a center meant to be action oriented and serves as the back up solution to anti-life challenges. It is a concrete symbol and source of hope at the same time for many people.

During these Manila elections, let us not forget that the Home for the Angels has been a uniform crisis home for abortion survivors and has assisted many neglected, abused and exploited infants ever since it was founded fourteen years ago. It has helped many victims and expected victims have a new set of lives and all of these is due to the merciful heart of Lito Atienza. The elections for Manila mayor would for sure be a half-baked race if it did not admit an option such as him. The post of Manila mayor is a position of action coupled with great promises.

A total of 301 babies were assisted and accepted for case management and crisis intervention from year 1996 to the present and a total of 4,371 men, women and teenagers were assisted and referred through crisis intervention by phone and walk-in referrals from 2006 to the present in the center. A total of 356 students and private individuals were served well and supplied with Respect for Life Orientation while a total of 314 children ages 0-6 years old for Early childhood care and Development were served in alternative Day Care services through the Learn and Play Outreach Program. These are works of a man who surely deserves to succeed in the Manila elections. In the elections for Manila Mayor, these are deeds of a man that should be up there when we use our discernment.

Lito Atienza is one of the most upright citizens of our country. It is with such great enthusiasm that the electorate welcomes him for the Manila elections. During these elections for Manila mayor, his deeds of heroism towards our society's forgotten individuals will not be forgotten. The Home For The Angels is an establishment which he founded in order to share his vision that no individual should be deprived of care and love.
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