The LG KP500 Cookie Is Available In A Purple Colour Variant

By: cwestley | Posted: 16th March 2010

A purple colour variant of the LG KP500 Cookie is soon to be released. This attractive colour scheme adds further aesthetic appeal to this already popular and functional touch screen handset.

The phone is 106.5x55.5x11.9mm weighing 89 grams, it is light weight. This, combined with it's slim profile make it comfortable to hold in your hand and use on the go.

With a TFT resistive touch screen measuring 3 inches, up to 256,000 colours are displayed at 240x400 pixels giving users an unparalleled level of display quality. An accelerometer sensor detects movement of the phone so it automatically rotates the image on screen accordingly. Handwriting recognition works in conjunction with the stylus pen operated user interface.

In order to alert users to calls and messages the handset vibrates and rings, and the option is included to download polyphonic ringtones and use MP3 files for this purpose so users can hear their favourite song every time the phone rings. A composer in included meaning users can create their own custom tones from scratch. For convenience, a speakerphone system is built in offering hands free capabilities.

48MB of internal storage caters for data and file storage. Should more storage be required, however, a micro SD slot can be utilized, and a memory card of up to 16 GB installed. For connecting to networks the KP500 Cookie Purple uses class 10 GPRS and class 10 EDGE as its first port of call. For sharing files with friends, Bluetooth is installed as standard, whilst a USB connection allows the handset to be hooked up to a PC in order to transfer and back up data such as media files and contact info. The phonebook can store up to 1000 contacts as standard and includes the photo call feature.

Music files in MP3, WMA and AAC are supported by the built in media player, along with video files in MP4 and H.263. Extra entertainment offerings are stereo FM radio player and four pre-installed games along with access to a library of downloadable games.

A 3.15 megapixel camera offers a convenient method of image capture. It allows photos of good quality to be taken, and an alternative to shoot video in QVGA quality at 12 frames per second.

T9 predictive text input, voice memo recorder and a document viewer add to the list of functions and a range of aesthetically pleasing colour schemes add to the appeal of this handset.

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